MABC; Children In Action

There is something for all ages at Maple Avenue! Especially for the Kids!!

  • On Sundays, there is Sunday School for all age groups that starts at 9:45AM.
  • After Sunday School, we all gather together for worship service at 11AM. During the service, just before the sermon, the pianist will play "Jesus Loves Me" and that is the time for the kids to leave and go to Children's Church and Route 52! Children's Church is for the younger kids, and Route 52 is for older kids through 6th grade! During these times, the kids learn about the Bible on a level that they understand, and how they can apply it to their lives, even at their younger age!
  • On Wednesday nights, the kids and youth meet together in the FEC (Family Enrichment Center) for dinner at 5:30PM, and then every one breaks up to their own meetings around 6PM. The youth head upstairs, while the younger boys (through 6th grade) and the younger girls go to Kids in Action! Our younger kids, 4 year olds through 1st grade, go to Mission Friends! In these age-specific groups, they learn about the Bible, who Jesus is and what He did for them, and also how Jesus influences their lives!